Kunstenares Susan Vervoort

My name is Susan Vervoort and I live in the Netherlands.
As a child I have always drawn and painted.
I still like to paint a lot and I really love to make illustrations with acrylic paint.
On paper, even the impossible is possible.
It is this aspect I love most about painting, because there are no limits in what you can paint.

Later, I started collecting dolls.
It is because of this that I came into contact with BJD's (short for Ball Jointed Dolls).
Because I have such passion for these dolls, I started to make my own Ball Jointed Doll series.
These dolls are a perfect fit for my fantasy world and creative thinking.
I enjoy creating them and bringing them to life!
It is my intension to make every doll unique and expressive so they'll all have their own personality.

Jewellery is also a passion of mine. In 2009 I started with goldsmithing.
Since then I made silver and gold jewellery.
I like to use pearls and gemstones in my work. Nature and animals are a big inspiration for me.
I hope you can enjoy my work as much as I do making it.